Appearances on Television

(Fall 2003 to present)
From left to right:
  1. KHON Channel 2 News Morning Program at the UH: Discussion of transportation research at the UH with Tanya (Boyd) Joaqin - October 2003

  2. 30 minute presentation of disbenefits of proposed Bus Rapid Transit in Honolulu, on O'lelo - September 2003

  3. Explanation of the Texas Transportation Index and Honolulu's ranking among metropolitan areas with KHNL Channel 8's Cindy Paliracio - February 2004

  4. Interview with KHON's Kirk Fernandez about traffic congestion on Oahu - March 2004

    From left to right:

  5. Interview with Colette Fox for KHON 2 News on long commutes and the Traffic Engineering Toolbox - Election Day, November 2, 2004

  6. Interview with Jim Mendoza for KGMB Channel 9 News on Transportation Systems Management - November 17, 2004

  7. Interview with Kirk Fernandez for KHON 2 News on the choice between highway and rail infrastructure - November 17, 2004

  8. Interview with Paul Udell for KITV 4 News on freeway modeling and solutions - July 12, 2005

    From left to right:

  9. Olelo Channel 52--Moderator of the April 2006 HHUA Distinguished Panel

  10. Channel 2 brief interview by Jay Cunningham along with R. Capka, Administrator of the FHWA - September 2006

  11. Panelist on Voter Viewpoint about Traffic Issues on Olelo Channel 49 - September 2006

  12. Speaker at Ewa Beach airing on Olelo 54 - October 2006

    From left to right:

  13. Olelo Channel 49--Along with Randal O'Toole of Thoreau Institute in Malia Zimmerman's program; aired several times in November, December 2006

  14. Channel 9 News coverage of the conclusion of the Transit Task Force deliberations

  15. Transit Task Force meeting, December 13, 2006

  16. [no picture] Channel 2 News story on Rail ridership, by Gina Mangieri, December 5, 2006.

  17. [no picture] KHNL morning news with Marvin Buenconsejo; HHUA inrterview with Panos Prevedouros and Dave Rolf, Live, November 27, 2006

  18. Testimony at the City Council Chambers on, December 14 and 22, 2006 (37 min. and 17 sec. total)

    From left to right:

  19. KHNL Morning News, Interview with Angela Keen; opposing view by Kyle Chock, Pacific Resource Partnership, Dec. 22, 2006.

  20. PSB Hawaii Island Insights with Dan Boylan. Guests included Pearl Johnson of the Hawaii League of Women Voters, Cliff Slater of and myself.

  21. On Island Insights, January 9, 2007.

  22. KHON 6 PM and 10 PM, Channel 2 News, Interview with Gina Mangieri on Mayor's Washington, D.C. visit with FTA, Jan. 20. 2007.

    From left to right:

  23. KHNL Evening News, Special program on Traffic Congestion. Pictured from L to R are Howard Dashefsky, KHNL anchor, Barry Fukunaga, Director of State Dept. of Transportation, Melvin Kaku, Director of City and County Dept. of Transportation Services, Gordon Lum, Executive Director, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Prevedouros, Feb. 28, 2007.

  24. KHNL Special Program, answering on the future of Rail on Oahu: "FTA is not going to fund this boondoggle!"

  25. On Capitol Commentary, Segment on High Occupancy Toll Lanes and Public Private Partnerships--"Rail will cary only 3% of daily trips on Oahu!", March 5, 2007.

  26. KHON 6 PM and 10 PM, Channel 2 News, Interview with Andrew Pereira on pedestrian safety and the Pali Highway falsing lights experiment in 2000, March 7, 2007.

    From left to right:

  27. KHON 5 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM News with Joe Moore. Kirk Matthews story on the City of Honolulu scoping meetings for the Fixed Guideway environmental impact process. March 27, 2007.

  28. News and Views - Program on Busways. Interview with Renee Ing. Aired on Sundays at 6 PM throughout May 2007 on O'lelo Channel 54.

  29. News and Views - Program on Quick Deployment Traffic Solutions. Interview with Renee Ing. Aired on Sundays at 6 PM throughout June 2007 on O'lelo Channel 54.

  30. KITV 6 PM News. Census: More People Driving To Work On Oahu, June 14, 2007

    From left to right:

  31. News and Views - Program on a HOT Expressway for Oahu. Interview with Renee Ing. Aired eight times in July 2007 on O'lelo Channel 49.

  32. Island Insights, Live panel discussion with Council Chair Barbara Marshall, Councilman Gary Okino, City of Honolulu Chief Planner Toru Hamayasu and Professor Panos Prevedouros, moderated by Dan Boylan, August 16, 7:30 to 8:30 PM.

  33. Presentation to Oahu Metropolitan Planing Organization, Citizen Advisory Committee, recorded by Dennis Callan, appeared on O'lelo Channel 54, several times between August 20 and September 10, 2007.

  34. Presentations in Ewa with Representative Rida Cabanilla, KITV News, September 6, 2007

    From left to right:

  35. KHNL 5 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM News. exposes 21 lies by city and elected officials in PBS-Hawaii Island Insight show. September 27, 2007. 2007.

  36. News and Views - Program on Tampa's Reversible Express Lanes. Interview with Renee Ing. Aired in September/October 2007.

  37. KGMB 5 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM News. Oahu Transit System Moving Forward, January 30, 2008

  38. KGMB 5 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM News. Gas Tax Increase Recommended for Transportation, February 05, 2008

  39. KHON Channel 2 News at 5 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM, Transit Experts To Pick Technology, February 15, 2008

    From left to right:

  40. KHON2 Channel 2 News, Transit Panel Picks Steel Wheel Technology, February 22, 2008.

  41. KITV4 Island News, Transit Panel Recommends Rail For Oahu, February 22, 2008.

  42. KHNL News 8, Honolulu a Big Step Closer Towards a Mass Transit System, February 22, 2008.

  43. KGMB 9 News, Panel Disagrees on Oahu Transit Vehicle, February 22, 2008.

  44. KHON2 Channel 2 News, Hannemann Lauds Choice of Steel on Steel Technology, February 26, 2008.

    From left to right:

  45. KGMB 9 News, Transit Experts Credibility Questioned, February 28, 2008.

  46. KITV 4 News, UH Study Finds Cheaper, More Effective Traffic Solutions, March 25, 2008

  47. KGMB 9 News, Transit Alternatives Proposed, March 25, 2008

  48. KHNL News 8, UH Professor Proposes Mass Transit Solution, But Others Cite Conflict of Interest, March 25, 2008

  49. Olelo Channel 54--Along with John Bizdle of in Malia Zimmerman's program; aired several times in March and April 2008

    From left to right:

  50. KHON 2 Morning Program with Kirk Matthews and Kathy Muneno, March 26, 2008

  51. KITV 4 Morning Program with Dan Mizenzahl and Mahealani Richardson, March 26, 2008

  52. Olelo 54, Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting, March 2008

  53. KHON 2 News with Joe Moore, Top Story: Waiting Too Long at Red Lights, Tammy Mori, April 11, 2008

  54. KHON 2 News with Joe Moore, Rail Opponents: ôLet The PeopleVote", Andrew Pereira, April 21, 2008.