Places to Eat

53 By the Sea

Hoku's at Kahala Hotel

Orchid's at Halekulani - Breakfast Buffet

Prince Court at the Ilikai Hotel - Dinner Buffet

Michel's at Colony Surf

Hy's - Coup Denmark dessert



Roy's - Trio

Alan Wong's

Chai's - giant prawns

Side Street Inn - pork chops and fried rice

Yohei - Nigiri or chef's choice

Boots and Kimo's - Pancakes with macadamia nut sauce, portugese sausage which they fly in from the Big Island of Hawaii

Tucker And Bevy's - baked eggs

Our Kitchen - Veggie Egg's Benidect add kahlua pork

Paesano's - Chicken Parmesean

Tokuri Tei - Agadashi Tofu

Kyoto Ramen (Yotekko-Ya) - Paitan Japanese Style

Diamond Head Grill (Lunch)

Your Kitchen (Lunch) - pork bowl w/ egg

Moke's (Breakfast) - Pancakes with Lilikoi sauce

Haili's (Hawaiian) - Hawaiian Plate

Yard House -

Cattle Company - dinner for 2 w/ the wagon wheel sampler

Kabuki Restaurant - Steamed Moi

Zippy's - Chilli and rice

Fresh Catch - Fireball Ahi, Crab Stuffed Ahi

Leonard's - Malasada's

Rainbow's Drive in - Boneless Chicken plate ask for it w/ brown gravy all over

Like Like Drive Inn - Banana Pancakes and Fried Rice

Liliha Bakery Dinner rolls w/ Raspbery Jam - Coco Puffs

The Alley - Oxtail Soup and Lemon Crunch Cake

Waiola's Shave ice - try the haupia w/ azuki and ice cream

Mei Sum Dim Sum

Char Hung Sut

Menchanko Tei - Tonkatsu and Udon

Happy Day

Pho One - Pho w/brisket

Kahai Street Kitchen - gourmet plate lunchs

MW - floating island desert