2017 International Congress on Ultrasonics Program


Technical Structured Special Sessions:


** Final 2017 ICU Honolulu Program **


Memorial Session for Leif Bjorno


Physical Acoustics

Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials

Acoustic Metasurfaces and Topological Metamaterials

Acoustic Modeling of Sound Fields in Complex Environments.

Acoustic Phononic Crystals

Bubbles and Cavitation

Bulk Acoustic Wave and Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators and Applications

Resonators and Applications

Linear and Nonlinear Granular Metamaterials and Devices

Nanacoustics and Phonons

Optomechanical Structures and Opto-acoustics

Picosecond Laser Ultrasonics

Surface Acoustic Waves and Guided Waves



Biomedical Ultrasound

Acoustics and Cells

Advances in Biomedical Ultrasound

Biomedical Ultrasound for Therapy and Diagnosis

Focused Ultrasound Treatment using Thermal and Non-thermal Effects

High-frame Rate Ultrasond Imaging and Applications

High-frequency Ultrasound and Cell Imaging

Image-guided Focused Ultrasound

Life at the Intersection of Light and Sound

Noninvasive or Minimally Invasive Ultrasound Therapy

Photoacoustics and Its Clinical Applications

Safety of Ultrasound

Targeted and Accelerated Drug Delivery by Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone

Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging and Biomedical Applications

Ultrasound Transducers for Medical Treatments


Industrial Ultrasound

Applications of Nonlinear Acoustics to Measurements and Imaging

Engineering Applications of Power Ultrasonics

High Power Ultrasound in Air

High Power Ultrasound in Material Engineering

Power Ultrasound in Industrial Processing

Ultrasonic Motors and Actuators


Nondestructive Evaluation

Acoustic Nondestructive Evaluation and Technology

Guided Waves and its Applications in NDT & SHM

NDE & NDT for Civil Infrastructures

NDE Modeling for Composites

Ultrasonic Wavefield Imaging


Emerging Fields

Acoustic Fluidics

Forensic-related Acoustics

Reservoir Acoustics and Borehole Acoustic Logging

Ultrasound in Air

Underwater Network Communications & Detection